Acquisitions, Disposals and Financing


At any given point in time, Neuron Partners is working on a wide variety of 'live' transactions on both sides of the Atlantic. 

​These opportunities include asset disposals, financing of new real estate developments, capital raising for real estate developers and investment management platforms, distressed debt sales, equity placements, among other types of transactions within the real estate universe. 

Currently, our portfolio of 'live'​ cross-border deals total over €30 billion (sell-side; buy-side; financing; capital raising) spanning developed markets like US, UK, Canada, Western Europe, Southern Europe and growth markets such as Middle East, India and Asia-Pacific.

In general, the deal values vary between €50 to €500 million.

​Some of our largest transactions exceed €1 billion in gross asset values.

To review Neuron's extensive and confidential deal pipeline that spans geographies, asset classes and transaction sizes, please do get in touch with us at: