Acquisitions & Disposals

At Neuron Partners, we believe that selling and buying of Real Estate assets at the appropriate valuations and at the opportune stages of a particular market's cycle is crucial to delivering returns that are in line with our clients' stated risk-return expectations.

After all, many of our clients have a fiduciary responsibility to their stakeholders and limited partners. We take our role in enabling our clients to dispense their fiduciary responsibilities successfully as the ultimate litmus test of our capability as advisors. 

Therefore, Neuron Partners' counsel to our clients in executing optimal transaction outcomes on their asset disposals and acquisitions is extraordinarily important. 

Like all businesses, we believe that real estate assets have a life-cycle.

Therefore, assets require a thoughtful narrative to draw out the depth and breadth of their character within a broader economic, commercial, geo-political and cultural context.

We pay close attention to our client's asset quality, current and potential use of the asset, micro-economic and macro-economic factors, disposal or acquisition timing, tax considerations and other relevant factors when advising our clients on real estate transactions.



​At Neuron Partners, we structure and place equity and debt capital for our clients ranging from real estate developers to mid-market privately-held businesses to pre-IPO technology and biotechnology companies.

We view each client's situation with a fresh perspective and structure innovative and bespoke financing solutions that meet their specific capital requirements. 

We take a clear-eyed, dispassionate view of reviewing the client's strategic, operational and financial position as well as their capital requirements within the broader macro-economic and capital markets environment. 

With this situational intelligence, we develop a capital structure which draws on senior and subordinated debt capital as well as preferred and common equity capital in order to execute the most efficient structured finance solution for our clients in terms of cost of capital, covenants and time-frames. 

Our capabilities in raising equity and debt capital are utilised by our clients for: Growth Capital, Acquisition Financing, Construction Funding, Forward Purchases, Bridge Financing and Equity & Debt Re-capitalisations, among other scenarios.


Private Placement

In addition to financing of our clients and their projects, Neuron Partners specialises in Limited Partner placements for high-quality real estate investment managers / sponsors, private equity platforms and operators. 

We deliver on capital raising mandates within both the debt and equity markets by engaging with many of the world's most active and consequential Limited Partners (LP's). We have developed an extensive network of relationships with real estate private equity and investment management sponsors in markets like the US, Canada, UK and the EU where, at any given point in time, we are helping raise capital towards a variety of attractive investment strategies across various industries, asset classes and geographies. 

Whether it is financing of developer clients and their projects or it is capital raising for our private equity clients, Neuron Partners taps into its extensive capital markets relationships around the world which span money centre and regional banks, non-bank lenders, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms, investment managers, hedge funds, REIT's, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices and high net worth individuals (HNWI's).

In essence, Neuron Partners works to deliver innovative capital solutions for any funding requirement of our clients looking to tap the private capital markets.