Neuron Partners' business model is based on trustworthy and equitable alliances and partnerships with private equity firms, asset managers, hedge funds, advisory firms, investment banks, brokerages, law firms and other participants in the financial marketplace. 

​At Neuron Partners, we believe that the key to successful transaction outcomes lies in the power of our network of relationships. Therefore, developing and nurturing fair, transparent and resilient partnerships across the globe is central to everything we do.


 At Neuron Partners, we deeply value our partners who originate transactions for us and for our investor clients all across the world. We respect that our partners entrust us with their valued relationships and we manage these relationships with the utmost duty of care.

​With the advantage of operating across multiple markets around the world, Neuron Partners has developed certain protocols to ensure certainty of delivery and efficiency in execution of transactions originated by our partners.

​We have endeavoured to distill those protocols in order for our partners to understand better how Neuron Partners operates.

In order to ensure a smooth and friction-less transaction execution process, we ask our partners to consider the above protocols as a framework when conducting business with Neuron Partners and our investor clients.


Origination Criteria

Deal Deliverability

Deal Deliverability

Deal Deliverability


Neuron Partners only accepts transactions for our investor clients' consideration where our partners are mandateddirectly by the seller to sell assets or securities.

In instances where real estate investment platforms seek Neuron's assistance in raising capital towards asset acquisition opportunities, we recommend that those platforms originate "off market" transactions or have a "preferred bidder" status for on market deals.

Vendor Access

Deal Deliverability

Deal Deliverability


Neuron Partners' investor clients rely on our ability to thoroughly vet a transaction before we present an investment opportunity for their consideration.
Therefore, we ask our partners to provide access to the sell-side client (vendor) before Neuron takes in any transaction onto our deal pipeline. If our partners are unable to provide access to the vendor, then they may refrain from submitting such transactions for Neuron Partners' consideration.

Deal Documentation

Deal Documentation

Deal Documentation


At the time of submitting an investment opportunity for our consideration, Neuron requests our partners to furnish a certain minimum set of confidential information on the asset or business under consideration. We are unable to progress a transaction with our investor clients without the basic information requested, and therefore, ask our partners to only submit those opportunities for our consideration where there is no restriction or hesitation to provide information requested by Neuron. What we do assure our partners is that their information will remain confidential until and unless we have their explicit permission to share that information with our investor clients.

Fee Sharing

Deal Documentation

Deal Documentation


In order to prevent real or perceived conflicts of interest, we expect our investment banking, advisory and brokerage partners to secure their fees from the vendor of assets or securities or the buyer of assets or securities but not both the buyer and the seller.​ 

In instances when our partners do not have a fee position from either the seller or buyer of the asset or security, then Neuron Partners would be glad to share a portion of our success fees with our partners.

In most instances, Neuron Partners represents buyers or investors on transactions and our fees emanate from our investor clients. 

Therefore, our investment banking, advisory and brokerage partners can rest assured that Neuron would not seek to share in our partners' sell-side fees either.

It is this simple and transparent approach of doing business which makes a partnership with Neuron a profitable proposition for investment management platforms, investment banks, corporate finance advisory firms and brokerages across various markets around the world.

“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche