Ethical Capitalism

Neuron Partners is a firm conceived on the premise that the world progresses when people connect, engage and partner across neural networks of ideas, opportunities and capital enabled by a foundation of universal values.

We deeply espouse the belief that conscience is the essential moderator of capitalism.

Without trust and integrity, the complex neural mesh of commerce and finance cannot sustain.

We believe honesty and empathy are humanity's default collective neural impulses.

We believe that commercial success and ethical conduct are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they are mutually reinforcing.

It is with this philosophical framework in mind that we are building Neuron on a foundation of solidity in our values and consistency in our actions.

In essence, we practice ethical capitalism.

At Neuron, we also firmly believe in the power of imagination and in the alchemy of collaboration.

We recognise that all human progress was made when  intelligence and inspiration were synthesised into action through neurons interacting within our minds and between people.

The visible world we interact with exists because of the invisible world of neurons interacting with each other catalysing great leaps of knowledge, insight, imagination and creation. 

Imagine our world being one unified brain rich in neurons dispatching ideas and opportunities as electrical impulses across intricate, information-rich neural networks.

Imagine those neurons being individuals, organisations and even cities and industries connecting across the world over ever richer, denser neural networks enabled by waves of advancing technologies.

Hence, we pay homage to this humble cell, the Neuron - where all human creativity and ingenuity originates.

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”
― William James