Neuron Partners primarily works with the following private capital constituencies globally.

  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Hedge Funds.

Neuron's practices mirror these "Alternative Investment Managers" because, in all instances, Neuron looks to understand and address the needs of both the sponsor / vendor and the investor in a holistic manner when it comes to delivering a successful transaction outcome.

Unlike many investment banks or corporate finance advisory firms who take an industry-specific approach to their business, Neuron aims to take a "lifecycle" approach. 

We pay close attention to the needs of companies and projects in different stages in their lifecycle. 

Based on our clients' maturity, we focus our efforts in engaging the relevant investor constituency - whether it is hard asset investors in the real estate world or private equity investors or corporations for growth businesses or venture capital investors for seed and early-stage companies. 

Once we have understood and articulated the needs of our client businesses, we overlay expertise and insight relevant to our clients' industries in order for our clients to benefit from Neuron's network of highly-experienced and talented associates globally. 

It is this nuanced approach to corporate finance why various international private capital providers pay attention to the investment opportunities that Neuron presents to the investor marketplace.


Asset Management

Within our Real Estate practice, Neuron draws on an extensive array of relationships to originate and place real estate transactions across all of the leading Western gateway markets. 

In order to originate and place our institutional-grade international real estate transactions, we have assiduously cultivated formal and informal partnerships across more than 25 real estate markets around the world.

We cover all major real estate asset classes in our chosen markets:

  • Offices
  • Residential
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Development Land
  • Senior Housing / Assisted Living
  • ​Student Accommodation
  • ​Industrial
  • ​Real Estate Technologies
  • Alternative Real Estate (Data Centres, Car Parks, Agricultural Land, Timberland, among other niche asset classes).


Private Equity

Neuron advises a wide variety of privately-held companies in delivering capital solutions primarily to real estate developers and asset managers by drawing on Neuron's international network of Private Equity investors. 

We carefully evaluate each opportunity that we are presented with and take on those mandates where we can readily add value from a strategic, operational and financial standpoint.

Since we are actively engaged in a dialogue with the world's most sophisticated real estate private equity investors and principals of mid-market companies on a constant basis, we have real-time visibility on the emerging investor preferences and the broader investment trends in the private equity world.

Ultimately, one of Neuron Partners' key points of differentiation is our ability to use our cross-border and cross-asset class understanding to offer our clients with pragmatic advice in order to achieve the most optimal clearing price for any real estate asset they intend to sell or buy throughout the economic cycle.


Venture Capital

Neuron Partners advises entrepreneurs in the following sectors to secure seed, early-stage and growth capital from venture capital and angel investor communities. 

Given our depth of expertise and relationships in the Real Estate sector, Neuron's principal focus in the tech sector is within the PropTech space.

Our relationships with venture capital firms, incubators and angel investors within various global innovation hubs allows our clients access to the early-stage and growth capital required to fully realise the potential of their intellectual property. 

In the US, our relationships span technology hubs from Silicon Valley to Boston Route 128 to Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. 

In Europe, we are in active dialogue with innovators and investors across UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Sweden and other hubs of technology innovation.


Hedge Funds

Neuron is privileged to have clients across a variety of Hedge Fund strategies ranging from 'Special Situations' / Distressed Securities funds to Emerging Markets funds to Global Macro traders, among others.

We serve the hedge fund community with actionable investment opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic as well as those in Asia-Pacific.

Neuron is particularly active in serving the hedge fund community when it comes to originating distressed assets and securities primarily backed by real estate assets where hedge funds have the opportunity to generate out-sized returns in line with their Limited Partners' (LP's) expectations.